Nigeria Energy Transition Plan



This sector represents about 24% of in-scope emissions

Decarbonization Strategy

The ETP proposes the reduction of transport emissions by switching to low-emissions transport technology and mode-shifting. The focus of the ETP analysis is on passenger vehicles which accounted for ~72% of transport emissions in 2020.

Additional emissions reduction is obtainable through mode-shifting from gasoline/diesel and hybrid vehicles to electric buses/2-3 wheelers.
There is opportunity for biofuel blending to serve as an interim decarbonization measure in the transition to an electric-based system. Electric vehicles are considered only realistic post-2030 therefore, in the interim, biofuels can help decarbonize the sector.

Net Zero Vision

Passenger-Vehicle Mix (%)


Transport - Pie charts and bar chart-05


Transport - Pie charts and bar chart-07


Transport - Pie charts and bar chart-06

Action steps:

Mode-shifting from passenger cars to public transport/ electric two and three wheelers

Deployment of biofuels

Post-2030 deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

~ 3k stations/year

Post-2030 development of EV cars market

1.5% CAGR per year